Requirements for signing in

For scholars, one must have a valid email id (institutional ID not a pre requisite), one valid publication (title, link, DOI) For industrialists, one must provide valid industry details (name, email, website, contact number, industry type).

What if I forgot my password ?

An email will be sent to your registered mail id for further process.

How many reviews can be made for an article ?

A scholar can submit only one review per article.

Is upvoting a question/ answer or project really important ?

Yes it is really important because only upvoted Q&A and projects will be credited with metrics.

Explain the application process for a job

When a scholar clicks the Apply button, the concerned scholar’s CV will be sent as an email to the company automatically. Afterwards, the company will contact the scholar for future communications.

Do we have to pay for suggesting the projects in industry page ?

Yes, the fee payment will be intimated to the concerned scholar only after the industries successfully approve the project proposal

What are the files that are needed to be submitted to the industries after approval of scholar’s proposal ?

A detailed explanation of the project along with the required model files and necessary diagrams have to be submitted.

What is the process of adding a research article to your profile ?

Initially enter the original details about the article (Title, authors, link, DOI). After verification, describe your work in simple language. Inclusion of references is a must.