Share and discuss research works

A free online learning forum for budding Research scholars to interact with subject experts.      


SN digital platform is selective wherein the focused groups indulge in exchanging ideas and clearing their doubts in order to bridge the knowledge gap in chosen research.                                                                                                                              


SN exclusive digital connect keeps young researchers and doyens vibrant.        


SN promotes the researchers to update their research talents continuously to attain the best in their research career.    


SN digital web ignites young research minds to congregate globally.                                                                                                                              


It smoothens the free flow of knowledge from research experts to freshers.                                                                                                                              


The freshers pose research questions and seek answers; similarly, the inspired minds provide solution to various industrial problems.       


SN strength lies in its powerful and impeccable Ranking, Connecting right people, Accounting various research activities for meaningful learning outcome.                                                                                                                              


SN breaks the learning barriers (paucity of research mentors, space & time) and prepare the researchers intellectually sound!  


SN intend to groom researchers with equal learning opportunities irrespective of their campus standings, through making available of Research resource persons any-time & any-where.                                                                                                                              


SN showcases the research mileages gained by researchers in real time and freely accessible as digital CV.  


SN founded with strong intellectual formula where intensity of the knowledge streaming from participating minds can be metered and growth ranked.                                                                                                                              


SN metrics will be meaningful for industries to recruit right candidate for their job/internship.  


SN helps to identify and network project investigators, internationally.                                                                                                                              


SN is unique and designed to outperform the existing forums.                                                                                                                              


SN is launched in Right Time to enable ‘Research Learning Easier’ even in COVID-19 pandemic Lockdown.  


Scholarly Needs takes a straw from the United Nations concern “World youth Skills” to prepare youth population globally competitive & inspired in Research.