Interact with research scholars

ScholarlyNeeds bridges knowledge gap. It is a digital platform for motivated scholars and researchers.       


Scholars and mentors are free to get connected without national, regional, institutional and economic barriers.         


With ‘Scholarlyneeds’ (SN) do research with ace. SN unshackles the scholars from the drudgery of guidance deficiency/incompatibility. SN opens door for unlimited knowledge and guidance. So that budding scholars can be wedded to their research interest as unrestricted guidance scintillates from 360 degree of knowledge sphere.                                                                                                                              


SN sets as an exclusive research forum so that interaction benefits budding scholars and doyens and Industries.   


SN platform is enriched with many interactive avenues. Research Scholars can hone their talent continuously and overcome the feel of ‘Frog in well”.                                                                                                                              


SN sets an avenue for research problem suggestion, discussion, follow-up etc in core research with peer group.    


SN identifies active scholars to emerge out from the rest of the runners. Its unique Ranking system is a spur for emerging talents to enrich further.